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Michael | Founder

Photographer, Web Designer and Marketing Guru. Michael has a very strong background in advertising & marketing and this company is the brain child and culmination of his 17 years experience in commercial and editorial photography for businesses both large and small.

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Chris | Social Media

With a background in music and entertainment, as well as real estate and marketing. Chris’ path to Marketing was a bit unusual. However, deep analytics, keyword research and targeting the correct demographic with content is his specialty.

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Drew | IT Security

With a very strong background in web security and IT, he is our go to guy to make sure your entire site is secure. Whether you are gathering client information or have an E-Commerce site. Your security as well as your client’s security is our top priority!

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At Split Feather Marketing, we are all about pushing your company exposure to the limits. What is the use of having a great product or service nobody knows about? If you have the fastest car in the world and never enter the race, how do you expect to win? Instead of creating just another website or marketing campaign, we set out to do something different, we incorporate all social media and SEO strategies to bring your brand visibility to its maximum potential. Allow us to introduce you to a web presence you will be proud to market!

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