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A business can never predict where a client will find your information, how they will search out your services and which data point they will come across. It is extremely important for your business to be branded across the board with uniformity. Business cards, brochure, website, letterhead, logo and other media that represents your business should be custom and uniform.

Social Media Branding

Are each one of your social media platforms uniform? Do they all have the same look and feel? Same company information and contact info? You would be surprised as to how many business may not have social media or being all setup at different times by different individuals, your company brand may not come through. Here at Split Feather Marketing, we take the time to make sure all social media outlets look and feel the same and branded properly!

Email Branding

How many employees do you have? Do you all use the same or similar signatures within the email? Is your logo in there? These are questions you should be asking yourself. And if you market through email newsletters or use a CRM, does it represent your brand the way you want it to? We can tailor an email branding campaign that points to the correct landing page and engages your readers with your brand.

PRO TIP: If you engage your consumer base, create a brand ambassador through creative strategies their social media will become your free business marketing! – create a brand that engages your demographic!


Marketing Collateral
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Email Marketing

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

Any web presence that include social sharing buttons have a click-trough-rate 158% higher than portals that do not include social sharing buttons. More importantly, having positive customer testimonials on social media platforms have the highest effectiveness for increasing conversion rates!Social Media Branding Facts

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What is your company’s mission? Do you have a clear direction? Do you provide a service or is it a product? Have you effectively integrated your brand into the fibers of every single medium you use to market your small business? These are the points we at Split Feather Marketing help you with. With outside the box thinking we can provide a solution that is easy to implement and engages your audience for the long term.

Defining your brand should be looked at as a living and breathing strategy and it should grow with your company. Set out in the right direction to brand your company thoroughly, you would be surprised at how many client remain loyal if part of your branding is including them in your strategy. 89% of consumers want to take part in the development of your company. We call these brand ambassadors. Of the 89%, about 40% want to provide you with constructive feedback and about 49% want to interact with your brand through some form of social media. Do you make these options available to your consumer base?