Google vs Competition

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I wasn’t born to follow and I’m not sure if I was born to lead, but what I’m certain is that I was born to fight my way through life and winUnknown
Everybody knows Google is the king of the hill in many aspects, and when all is said and done many fail to realize how far ahead Google is ahead of the curve. However, it might be surprising to some that Facebook isn’t too far behind in certain aspects of the competition for digital supremacy. Google last year generated over $60billion in revenue, they have figured a way to infiltrate nearly every facet of the digital world. With Google Robotics you can check out their latest by purchasing Boston Dynamics. On the revenue scene, Google is absolutely crushing the competition. Something to notice, however, is how close the numbers are for audience and members. Facebook isn’t doing too shabby, although the real key is the revenue. Below shows a small portion of their commanding lead:
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In the the end, you should really know who or what your competition is out there, analyze, plan and map out what you want to take over. Sometimes, as in Google’s case, you are the standard to which all would like to get to. In other cases you are a small fish in a very large pond trying to figure out your direction. Keep in mind everybody has to start somewhere, be aggressive, know your market and tackle anything that gets in your way and you will come out stronger on the other end.