Instagram Marketing – Are you leveraging the highest engaging social channel?

Instagram marketing is the hottest ticket there is right now! There are over 40 million photos uploaded to Instagram every single day! With over 100 Million ACTIVE users per month, that means there are 8,500 likes and 1,000 comments PER SECOND! If you are not capitalizing on this type of FREE engagement, you are seriously in need of our services! it isn’t good enough to simply have an Instagram you NEED engagement. Do you know about the algorithm change to Instagram? Now it is more important than ever to have HIGH engagement or your branding and efforts to generate traffic through Instagram will definitely fall short.

Our Strategy

Research & Analysis

Analyze your market

Did you know who the top brands in your market are? Did you also know, over 70% of users have already looked for your type of services on Instagram?

How We Do This

  • Target Specific Demographics
  • Behavioural Psychographics
  • Specific Targeting
  • Target Specific Hashtags

Increase your engagement

Instagram has changed their algorithms which caused an engagement drop for many users and made it harder to grow your engagement as well.

High Quality Content

  • Audit and Evaluate Your Posts
  • Optimize Post Times
  • Increase Likes & Comments
  • Cross Promotion

User Experience
Testing and Deployment

Follower Growth

When analysis is done, content strengthens and optimization happens. Your Followers may grow organically, but it is usually at a snails pace. With our proven strategies we can increase followers by 600-4,000 per MONTH.

What does that mean?

  • Traffic to your site
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Brand Authority
  • Business and Consumer Relationships

Are you ready to have to turn off IG notifications?

We need to have a quick discovery talk about your needs and budget.

What are the best techniques For Instagram Marketing?

Responsive Design

After countless hours of analysis and investigation in nearly every single niche, there are some universal truths about Instagram. It’s not just about being creative, there is real science behind how the big brands post on their IG and we have paid attention to it. Consumers who are liking an image that a brand produces are, in essence, inviting the brand into their life and acknowledging the brand’s creativity. Ultimately, this helps to create a more emotional connection. In effect, your brand is now in a screen along with consumers’ best friends.

Here are just a few things we found out:
High Key (bright) Photos Generate 24% More likes than Dark Photos
Backgrounds with more negative Space produce 29% More Likes
Images with Blue as the Dominant color get 24% more likes
Images with high level of textures get 89% more likes


Do you need more than just Instagram management?

We offer a full range of other services as well. Social Media Management, Branding, Logo Deisgn, Search Engine Optimization (both on-site and off-site). Our goal isn’t just a beautiful website, it is to convert your traffic into revenue. Online Marketing is a very complex beast and requires tailored strategies, it is not a one and done process.

Search Engine Optimzation

Facebook ADs
Copy Writing Services
Lead Generation
Social Media Management

Keep in mind quality is better than quantity. You don’t just want everything for the sake of having it. Each and every channel requires expert attention. If any part of your Brand is weak, it reflects poorly to your audience.

We have the best in the industry.