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Local SEO vs National SEO

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The hardest decision a lot of businesses face is whether or not they want local visibility, national visibility or both. While each may seem to have a lot of similarities, it is very important to understand they are not one and the same. Sometimes the choice may be simple, you have a retail store or local restaurant. By all means, you naturally don’t want to centralize a campaign that targets people too far outside of your local market or state, the end result is your business getting foot traffic. So going after a market in which the consumer base is hours away from your business may not be the smartest thing to do. On the other hand, your new startup company may be a product or even a service that you want national SEO results. One very important thing to keep in mind is grasping a timeline in which you should see and feel results from your marketing endeavor. Yes, they are both SEO and you want to optimize around pretty much all of the same elements. However the keywords on a national level you have to understand will be competing on a much broader level, increasing that competition will also affect how quickly you will see results.

So why exactly would the timeline change with local vs national SEO? As we just lightly touched on it, you are dramatically increasing the amount of competition with each and every keyword you use. In the end however, when a campaign is done properly and expectations are set with the proper understanding that any SEO especially national takes time. The rewards of a national campaign could be much more fruitful and bring higher profits, simply because you are reaching out to a larger consumer base.

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