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Marketing FAQs

Here at Split Feather Marketing we make every effort to bring you up to speed in order to make a sound decision for a marketing solution. Our approach is to create a professional relationship that works for our team and yours! We bleed creative marketing strategies and coming up with dynamic solutions to your business problems is our goal. Is it visibility? Is it Branding? Could it be your SEO strategies falling short? Are your conversions lower this quarter? In the end each and every business should have a very clear agenda, as well as goals written and clearly stated so each goal can be reached in a timely manner! These FAQ’s are many of the questions our current clients have asked. Hopefully these Marketing FAQs shine a little light, and help you as a business owner wade through tough decisions and create the awareness to fine tune your business solution!

Design Questions?

If your site design is more than 24 months old, you are very likely behind the times, plugins and widgets are old. If there wasn’t regular maintenance, there could be many broken or dead links. There are many reasons, but the most important is to make sure the coding and design is clean from top to bottom.
There is no best platform, it simply depends on what your business solution needs are. We do PHP programming, Object Oriented Action scripting, HTML 5 and even have integrated AJAX into our sites. WordPress is our platform of choice, due to the versatility and ease of use. WordPress is very flexible whether it be dynamically changing content, an informative website, used for blogging or E-Commerce.
This is completely dependent upon how many pages, how much content, the platform and whether or not graphic design is involved. A website rebranding will take less time opposed to a new site from scratch. We have created sites in as little as 2 weeks and have had projects in the 8-10 week timeframe. It is our mission to aim for quality, not speed, please keep this in mind.
Everything we design, is solely owned by you and your business. We do not employ any tactics in which keep any digital files, domain names or site files. We do archive copies of projects for up to 12 months in case you were to lose your digital or site files and this is only as a professional courtesy for peace of mind.

Branding Questions?

Branding is creating an image of uniformity for your business, both internally as well as externally. Its engaging your demographic in a creative and customized way, whether it be digital design or service techniques you employ as a business that creates a lasting impression. An effective branding campaign converts potential new clients on the edge of a decision and creates long lasting business relationships.
It is not enough to just have a business card or a print ad in the local penny saver. There are dynamic websites, social media marketing, brochures and other media that is used to reach out to your current and potential client base. Each point of contact represents your company effectively and accurately to entice conversions and create those long term clients.
If you were to hand someone a business card with just a logo on it, would they be informed enough to know what you do? Proper branding creates awareness, increases profitability and ensures your clients know your services. Creative branding will keep your business at the fore front of your target market.
In this day and age, we very often inform our clients it is marketing suicide not to. Investing in your company’s identity, service functionality and overall consumer awareness pays for itself. We can work with nearly any small business budget and can tailor a solution to get you started in the right direction!

SEO Questions?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is employing techniques for increasing visibility and traffic to your website organically. Over 90% of all research for brands, services and products begin online through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Gone are the days of flipping through a 10 pound phone book or local listing and penny saver.
PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns can be an effective way to market and yield slightly faster results, however they are much more expensive and often require larger ongoing budgets to maintain effectiveness. You are charged every time a user clicks on the keyword/keyphrase that takes them to your landing page or website, whether or not they patronize your business. SEO the organic way does take a bit longer to develop, but in the end you are not charged every time a user visits your landing page or website.
The answer to this requires a lot of research, deep market analysis and is dependent upon your industry, product or service. Some keywords are more valuable than others and require very customized strategies for first page placement. While others are very niche and don’t have a lot of competitors using them. The key is effective use of keywords important to your business and creatively customizing a strategy for the highest rankings possible.
Each market is different and is very dependent upon your target demographic, service industry and the competition. There is also a difference in Local strategy and National strategy. Local campaigns you can see results in as little as 60 days, for national strategies, these can take 2 years to develop. It all depends on your market, your services and your competition