Search Engine Optimization


Deep Keyword Research

The first thing we need to do is have an action plan, this requires very deep research and planning around the keywords you want your business and brand to be found for. The next and majorly important facet of keyword research involves knowing your competition. Highly competitive keywords will take longer for you to attain first page results. It is best to balance highly valuable keywords with less valuable. Get creative!

White Hat SEO

Keyword stuffing, which is the overuse of the keywords or phrases you want to be found for. Packing in too many keywords with very little content value is the fastest way to lose your readers and eventually be flagged for black hat tactics. Others like hidden text, or cloaking, essentially anything that tricks search engines into ranking your pages is what you should avoid. Some are very clear rules that shouldn’t be broken, other tactics are gray. It is our mission to employ all white hat tactics and ensure your legit rankings.

On Site Optimization

About one-third of organic search engine optimization involves on site SEO work. Load times, proper linking structure, valuable content and making sure all your images are relevant and add value. Other things like title tags and meta tag descriptions, your URL structure, even things as small as alt tags are very important. Questions to consider about your on site optimization, are you engaging readers or users? Are your articles informative? Are they relevant? These key factors will make off site link building much more powerful.

Off Site Optimization

Off site optimization is very important, especially link building and collecting the highest-authority inbound links. Everything counts, affiliates and vendors, social media and top directories that are legitimate. The most compelling are active business facebook accounts or twitter accounts. The very common and outdated misconception that social media is only for the younger crowd has really been put to rest.

Pro Tip!

18-29 year olds spend 89% of their online time on a social media site. Even 60% of the 50-60 years of age crowd are now active on social media.Off Site Social Media Facts

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