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Does anybody else remember the dial up days? You had to reaaaally want to get on the internet in those days. We now have blazing speeds at our fingertips and even our smart devices have speeds that dwarf the dial up days. So the attention span of many has become much shorter. You have to take this into account along with other factors.

Although on site optimization is only a very small piece to a very large equation when you are trying to be relevant in your industry, it is arguably the most important part. You can have a great following, people pointing in your direction, thousands of likes on facebook and brand ambassadors all over the net. However, once the user gets to your site, if they have a poor experience they will simply leave. Many studies have shown the attention span of person browsing the internet is very short and if they have a better experience on another site, they will often leave yours and go visit your competitors.

More importantly, load times can most certainly can have an impact on your rankings. As explained here on the Moz Blog How Website Speed Actually Impacts Search Ranking. Some argue the factors are very subjective while others have formulas and tons of data backing their thoughts. Ask yourself this, how does it take for you to leave a site if the load times are too long? 2 or 3 seconds… 6? It all comes down to personal preference and having the best optimization is key. So it is always good to have your web developer optimize everything from linking structure, to images, server side scripting and everything in between.
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In the end there is much more than just choosing keywords to be fully SEO friendly and being relevant.

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